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The 2016 GWRHA
Low Roller Reining Classic Horse Show
and NRHA Northwest Affiliate Regional Championships

Major Donor Trainers

Jackson Porath

Jackson grew up in Rockland, Idaho in a ranching family. He spent two years working for Charlie Van Norman in Elko, Nevada breaking colts and doing typical ranch work. He then went to work for Brian Neubert again starting colts. These two men were not only great personal mentors to Jackson, but also provided a strong foundation for his colt breaking skills. He worked a short while for Smokey Pritchett before working for Dave and Lorene Zimmerman for a year. He then worked for Bonnie Becker at King Equestrian Center, Idaho Falls, Idaho. After Bonnie returned to Canada, Jackson worked for Jason Richards for a short time. He then went to work for two-million dollar trainer Craig Schmersal for two and one-half years. When Schmersals moved to Oklahoma, Jackson returned to Idaho. Jackson is focused on Futurity and Derby horses and aids a select number of Non-Pro riders. Jackson is now an accomplished trainer and an NRHA Open Futurity and Derby Finalist. He works out of the King Equestrian Center. Please visit his website at Rock Creek Reining or call him at (208) 390-6360.

Jackson & Stephanie Porath

#208-390-6360 Jackson’s Cell

#208-390-0283 Stephanie’s Cell

E-Mail: rockcreekreining@hotmail